Slumdog Millionare Kids back in the Slums


There was a lot of Oscar buzz from the beginning about this movie and a lot of people loved this movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but it won almost every award. The sad thing is the kids have gone back home after all the glitz and glamour, and the only thing waiting for them there is the slums. 

The money they made from this movie is a trust fund for the boy and girl, and will be available once they are of legal age but right now they can’t access that money and their parents can’t either. It is fact that the kids will not benefit from the money in the long run if they have it now since their families will take advantage, it is a complex situation. Its heart breaking to see how these kids are living after the Oscars, check out the link below. 


Link: Cinematical

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. They should call Oprah Winfrey to financially support them and reduce her annual taxes and Angelina Jolie to add yet another tattoo mark and adopt them.

  2. the film director and producer are buying them an apartment to get them out the slums but they themselves want to be near the slums where all there friends & family are.

    they put the money in trust because of the parents, the boys father was trying to exploit his son, even ended up attacking his son because he wouldnt parade himself around for money. The apartment will be in the children’s name & the studio until the kids are 18 so the family cannot sell the apartment for money.

    plus they already got given several thousands of dollars in fees for the movie, which the family already spent on crap probably.

    it’s a good thing money is in trust for them!

  3. I double Ananyah.

    besides, they are definitely looking into movie, and commercial ad scripts.

  4. outrageous

    it’s a must see movie ,u will leave with a smile on ur face by the end of it

  5. I triple Ananyha… its for their own good :-)

  6. From Dharavi to Bel-Air

    Quite frankly, the movie deserves an Oscar for the sheer
    creative genius which went behind giving it a name like” Slumdog Millionaire”.
    Other than that it is no great shakes.
    Yes, for people who have never seen the slums in Mumbai the movie impresses with its ” shock and awe” effect but there have been other far superior offerings from the likes of Madhur Bhandarkar, such as ” Traffic Signal” which are more
    deserving of accolades.

  7. Purgatory

    What about the guy from trainspotting! how come he didn’t get anything!!

  8. see i would look at it differently.

    The Movie definitely brought in alot of media attention to this slum. Apart from the trust (which is good). Attention should be given to education, betterment of the slum. “forcing” the muncipality for better infrastructure.

    These 2 kids, who bought hollywood to their doorstep, should be the key of betterment of the society.

    What about the sideactors , the other kids involved in the movie? Monetary gain is not important here(which parent have exploited) but overall societal changes will make a major difference.

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  11. jewaira

    I enjoyed it especially as it had a happy ending after all the difficult scenes we had to watch.

    It was horrible watching the gangs that control the child beggars. Why can’t governments control things like that and put an end to it?

  12. One keyboard click often leads to another treasure. Great post, man – Thanks

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