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Blackberry – Out of the Loop

The Blackberry trend is in full swing in Kuwait, literally I see one every where. And now most of our group of friends have one except for a few of us, I tend to like have only 12 buttons to choose from when texting.

They have now made groups so they are texting each other instantly with huge group chats. BBMs flying left, right, and center, and for those that don’t know BBM stands for Blackberry Messenger. BBMs are free since they go through the Blackberry service and not through text messages, so you save on text messages if everyone you know is on Blackberry and in our group it seems to be the case, I am getting less text messages now then I did a few months ago.

Will I be joining this band wagon, I don’t know, I know I will get used to the full keyboard but I like just having a normal phone. The one thing that really annoys me is seeing someone trying to text while driving with a Blackberry which is suicide since you HAVE to look where you are typing. Now we have to see Viva or Wataniya bring this service on-board as well.