Who’s Hungry

I know its been a while since I posted some food pics, but I couldn’t help myself yesterday when I was having a later lunch. I have very hungry and since my diet is out the window for now I decided to indulge myself in this chicken dish. I wanted to just head first into the rice when I could smell so far away.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The machboos deyay is back !! and your timing couldnt have been worse.. I’m off all meats till Easter. :(

  2. censor your pictures yawa3tna! they are so sexaay :P LOOOOOOOOOOL
    3aleek bal3afia. ai deiyaya a7la kanat? did you eat both?

  3. Sulaiman

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hathi i9owar wila balaash !

    nice pics marzouq :)

  4. Purgatory

    finally food porn!!!

  5. 7aram 3alaik!!!!!

  6. Laialy_q8

    mashallaa mashallaah that looks like super amazing i want to barry my face in it and die

    I only had rice like 2 times last week trying to move away from it since it is the one thing that realluy blows me up

    3laik eb alf 3afya buddy, and there is nothing wrong with a little love handles :p

  7. i like how the chicken poshily sits on the rice with legs crossed, i can smell the rice..i heat you

  8. Oh! Its Lord of The Muchboos… The Return of the Chickens!

  9. Daddyz Girl

    7aram 3alek Marzouq it looks like a freak show!! i bet u have tons of the same pic where the chicken is laying over the mountain of rice & 7asho with crossed ankles ;) bs 6ab3an from different angles lmaoooooooooo

  10. Hani o 3afia, Looks great and beautifully captured.

  11. Name

    Marzouq ur killing me here in the US i cant even see this :p bel 3afya…

  12. fatooosh

    its a good thing we had home cooked food today! (marag bamiya! yum!) or you won’t have been one of my fav people today! ;p

  13. This is not fair, this is pure evil

    im still on diet and those pictures are NOT helping

  14. Man.. one food post and everyone’s makin typos lol, 3awafi

  15. Usef

    7aram 3leeeek !! mashalah shakilha el 6abkha mo 9ij ! 3leek bil 3afya :)

  16. Jewaira

    This is so funny…the comments I mean. Looks like you have a lot of hungry readers Marzouq lol

    I must say they are very suggestive poses for those chickens..Purgatory was right.


  17. You can’t go wrong with machboos diyay :]

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