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Google Reader Pile Up

Got up early in the morning for this seminar, had a really good breakfast. Spanish omelet to be exact with some labnah on the side. Put on my dishdasha and went to the seminar, for some reason I can’t wear a suit when going to any business event in the Gulf, I always wear a dishdasha.

It has turned into a really interesting financial seminar with live case studies regarding business structures and how they needed to be adjusted for growth in different environments. It is mostly targeting young people, so everyone is relatively young in the seminar and its great meeting new and interesting people from very different fields.

With all this going on I didn’t have a chance to check my email or anything for that matter. Decided to go to a movie after the seminar, and in a day and a half my Google Reader has piled up to 607 articles to read. Now I really have to play catch up.