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Review: Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova

Plot Summary: In the year 2104, lots of local armed conflicts threaten the world peace. Soon, however, a new force appears: Dancouga, a gigantic super robot or uncertain origin. It appears out of nowhere and always aids the losing side. Its true objectives are unknown. At some point, four absolutely unrelated people, Aoi Hidaka, Kurara Tachibana, Sakuya Kamon, and Johnny Burnette, are invited by an organization that claims to be behind Dancouga… as its pilots. From there on, their search for the truth behind Dancouga’s mission and the battle to end all wars begin.

An odd team put together to fight in a giant robot, who could go wrong with something like that. I was looking for a simple Anime which had lots of robot fights and was entertaining, Dancouga Nova did the job. Don’t expect anything too great from it, the story line is a bit chopped up, there is a lot of fan fare but the music oddly was pretty good. A fun anime to watch if you need time to kill.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork

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