Dubai Mall

On my recent visit to Dubai I had a chance after the seminar to go to Dubai Mall, I was hungry but I decided to go. It is located close to Burj Dubai so it isn’t too far away, about 20 minutes if you are staying in Jumeirah.

There is multiple entrances to this humungous buidling, seriously when you think they can’t make them any bigger they always do. We went in from the nice with all the nice Jewelery shops, I had to walk up to the help desk clerk to ask where the book store was and they directed me. It is three floors of stores and there is one HUGE aquarium in the middle which caught my interest.

There is one thing you notice about the mall, there are so many screens. All over the place for advertising, signs, and just digital playback everywhere.

I walked up to the aquarium and it is really cool, better then even Atlantis’s Aquarium. There were so many different stingrays, sharks (big ones too), and a few other interesting fish. I didn’t have a chance to go inside the aquarium since I was hungry but it looked amazing from the outside.

Kept on walking around, and you notice how they organized the stores. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking around when the stores are organized, and it isn’t long stretches as much as the same type of stores being above or below you.

There were a lot of interesting stores around, I even found a Canon store which I enjoyed but they didn’t have all the products I wanted to check out from Canon. Then there was the bookstore which I will be posting about at a later point.

Only 700 out of 1200 stores are open, and I didn’t even manage to walk the whole thing yet. A lot of restaurants have yet to open and there is no cinema in the mall yet, I’m not sure if one is planned to open there. Next time when I have more time I’m going to take a better look at the place.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I loved Dubai mall more than the mall of Emirates!

  2. Looks Good!
    I’m going to pay it a visit next time I’m in Dubai

  3. Aziz W

    I hated it. It was too big, and theres a million unnecessary shops! And the walking was too much. Even the parking was disgusting, me and my friends waited for our driver for about 1 hour in the parking until he found us!

  4. 3ad last time i was there i didnt bother to g

    i should have !

  5. looks apocalyptic, like the ending of an action movie can take place there

  6. Great visuals . . . but I really really wanted to see the BOOKSTORE!

  7. Nice photos… Can’t wait for the post about the bookstore… Maybe that would tempt me to go.

  8. I looooooooooove ur pictur full posts :D looks like a nice place, although get impressed with Dubai’s big malls yet get very bored when inside them! they are too huge, nevertheless impressive :D

  9. Laialy_q8

    the place looks sooOoo clean

  10. BORGHS

    hi i go to dubai next week will visit allso dubai mall and marina mall regards yves belgium

  11. Lexicon

    just a quick question….is the market in dubai saturated with all those malls opening up? or can it take some more?

  12. Mira

    You should come see the dancing fountain its simply breathtaking.
    I warn all who wants to visit Dubai Mall to be in the right mood, because if you were jet lagged, or tired you will simply not enjoy it because it is not your everyday type of mall.

    And since the grand opening this month, the mall is always packed!
    Recession who?

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