Review: Punisher War Zone

Its rare that I don’t write a review about a movie, but this movie I just had to. I’m a huge fan of all movies made from comic stories, and I loved the original Punisher with the original Frank Castle. If your a fan then this movie is going to hurt, I don’t even know what Marvel were thinking when they were making this movie. It was just ridiculous from the beginning of the movie, if you haven’t seen it then don’t watch it and if you want to laugh for 10 minutes then just watch the first 10 minutes and stop!

Link: IMDB

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  1. I hate sequels.

    The first Punisher movie wasn’t that good, it was alright, but most definitely one of the better comic adaptions.

    How horrible was Man-Thing? I still can’t get over its horribleness.

  2. suspic

    That was actually on my download list, thanks for the heads up.

    It’s a shame, I loved the first one.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    Hated the first one .. why bother watch the 2nd! :p

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