I’m not a fan of the smart car, not specifically the small looking one. I have tendency to want to push one over when ever I see it, but this one is just on a whole other level. They turned a smart car into a dwarfed Bat mobile, if Batman saw this then he would have it kill itself in a ceremonial explosion. Just brings my hatred towards the smartcar to a whole other level.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. maryam

    I remember being constantly fooled in believing there was a free parking spot in the university and rushing there, you’ll find a smart car ;P fools me everytime

    This batsmart, need a migit batman!

    Still don’t get why these women stand next to cars!!!

  2. Now that’s just taking ugliness to a whole another level!

  3. <3 smart, but that’s just wrong :(

  4. JoJo

    I love the car for it’s practicality. I had a convertable & regret having sold it. I did 130,000 km with it & made only one service throughout the whole time. I will buy another Smart soon.But this Bat stuff is ugly

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