Logic3 Valve 80

I have been looking into a docking solution for the iPod. I do have the Sonos system which can be integrated into the Library and access all the songs, but I do prefer connecting my iPod or any other iPod into a docking solution and completely getting rid of my CD/Tape Stereo which I haven’t switched on in over a year. Anytime I want to listen to a CD, I listen to it in the car, pick the tracks that I like, and rip it to my computer, integrate it some playlist.

After looking around the Logic3 Valve 80 seems to be the most interesting solution. I can integrate it into the current Sonos setup that I have, both machines and one set of speakers. I will completely get rid of my normal stereo sicne its just taking up space and nothing else. Retro and funky come to mind when I look at this machine. A clean design with analog audio which produces some very interesting sound, I’m thinking about it for now and some of the rewiring and clean up that I have to do.

Price: £229.99
Link: Amazon

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  1. Hey Marzouq,

    I can tell you, Logic3 products are really great, I’m talking in terms of being of nice quality and cost effective.

    I’ve recently received the Pro-Dock from Logic3 it’s a very simple Audio-Video-Charging-Syncing dock for iPod and iPhone. The review will be live on GadgetsArabia soon, may be within a week or so from now. But let me tell you, if you have your own high quality speakers setup you could go with the Pro-Dock. It’s cheap, it has multiple video output and above all it’s very compact and does charging and syncing.

    Best of luck

  2. james

    helllooo i have got a logic 3 i have had it for about a yearr and a half now and my i podd or i phone wont sync to play through the speakers

    any help anyone

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