Emirates Airline A380 Ceases Operations

It seems the cost of this plane isn’t being maintained by the routes its taking. For now the A380 or double decker going to New York has been suspended but still going to London. It seems Emirates Airlines are having more then just financial trouble these days. Its common knowledge that Etihad Airways owns a very big chunk of Emirates Airlines after running into financial trouble. Now they have to think about the routes they have and what to do with this huge plane. They could choose a different route, or lease it out, or rent it out, it would be pretty embarrassing if Etihad rented it. I think that Emirates really didn’t think about what they wanted to do with the planes before ordering them. I flew on the 777 LR to San Francisco and it was a fantastic plane, they need to plan their needs and not just go for the flashiest airline fleet. I have a feeling the next airshow isn’t going to have that many big orders or any orders for that matter.

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  1. i workin the civil aviation
    and we got aconfermation yesterday that 380 will be able to land in kuwait hopefully soon

  2. Ashish

    The A380 is not being withdrawn from service. Rather they are re-routing it to flights to Toronto and Bangkok. There has also been talk of using the A380 on the Dubai-South Korea and Dubai-Singapore routes.

    Secondly, Etihad does NOT own any stake in Emirates. The Times originally broke a story late last year of an impending merger between the two, but this has since been denied.

  3. Marzouq, thanks for the heads up!

    we were planning to go to the US for the summer and the A380 appealed to us all.

    BA it is…

  4. Lexicon

    i guess now their forced to become the first emirati company to run a simple cost/benefit analysis….

  5. Remember they did the deal before the financial crisis and if I remember correctly it was at a great price with a fantastic contract (in favour of EK)… Either way things have to change now.

    I agree the 777 is a beautiful bird.

  6. lfc-q8

    last week airbud said that they will work closley with emarites to fix the a380 problems
    i bet its a technical problem but to save aibus face their not saying that there is some issues with the wires

  7. breeze

    they’re actually having some tech probs with this model.

  8. thats the story with almaktoom
    always biting off more than he can chew

  9. Charles Frogg

    After flying on an Emirates 777-300 I now know what a sardine feels like. 3-4-3 seating was never meant for the 777’s and after experincing such over crowding I doubt that I will ever fly Emirates again. They have been able to make all their aircraft some of the most uncomfortable aircraft in the world.

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