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Bug Eyes Sunglasses

I think now it has been a decade since these big sunglasses came into fashion and they have just change form a bit but still remain big. There is something I don’t like about these sunglasses and I think many people would agree with me, these big sunglasses are deceiving. There is something about these sunglasses that I can’t seem to put my finger on, all that I know is that they manage to give a woman a different look.

There have been many a times where a woman has taken her sunglasses off and you get that reaction where you think she should have kept them on. Its not like you are looking into Medusa’s eyes but you get the picture. They are deceiving and I have never liked that they have gotten into fashion on other hand they look really good on women such as Victoria Beckham, some may she isn’t good looking but I think she has a very nice facial features. All that I am saying is that those sunglasses are very deceiving and gives an alluring look to the person wearing it, and I have always protested to this deception.