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The Dark Side

I have fallen prey to the Blackberry Virus!! It seemed that it was just a matter of time until the switch happened. There are a few simple reasons but its stability and usefulness appealed to my gadget sense.

Now 99% of our friends have Blackberries making communication extremely simple and rather funny. BBM or Blackberry Messenger is fantastic, its so fast and you can images to group conversations and the best part it is included in the service so matter how much you BBM there is not cost to it. Then there are the simple GPS capabilities of this phone which make very easy to integrate and use, and its internet capabilities are far better then any phone I have used before, even though I prefer to use a normal screen for surfing, this is great for quick look ups.

The switch has been a bit confusing, and one thing is for sure. Anyone that thinks they can text with a qwerty keyboard and driving at the same time is suicidal, just wait to for a red light. I picked up the Blackberry 8900 Javelin for 190 KD from the shops in Sharq, it was his only one and I asked about the warranty and there is only want repair center for Blackberrys in Khaleejeya complex. The phone has been great, I don’t have any contacts yet on it but I will figure it out and slowly transfer numbers, might be a bit lazy to transfer everything. I put a lot of songs on it, since I am charging it through a PC and it acts like a Mass storage device. Do I recommend it as the only phone, No, but if you have a large group of people who have Blackberries for work or friends then I think its worth it. Especially if you like being connected and having internet access, I know I don’t like being connected to the work email so I’m not connecting, or else there would be no end to it.