Hours of Halo 3 Online!

 I still play Halo 3 and so many people play, but you don’t realize how much until you put some numbers to it. 1’000’000’000 multiplayer game (4 player) has been played but the crazy part is the amount of time played to reach that number of games. It comes to 2,023,153,340,764 seconds to complete, which adds up to 64,000 years. I will still keep playing Halo 3 for a long time until I master it and be able to snipe people while sticking people with grenades and flying through the air.

Link: Kotaku

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  1. girl

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  2. me and mana3i started downloading Street fighter III Turbo HD on your xbox, its 360MB and it didn’t fully download last week. Please make sure its fully downloaded cuz I need to kick his ass.

    thank you. please come again.

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