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Recent Books I Picked Up

I usually read through the inside jacket of a book or the back so I can get an idea of book, and even if I like them I just make a note of it because I do have too many books piled up. I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up a couple of books while walking around Kinokuniya Bookstore. We spent a lof of time there and I read some of the boosk, and some I was thinking about for a while now. And now I have a larger pile of unread books and a small pile of read books. There is never enough space to organize the books, I always tend to somehow fit somewhere.


  • The Rosetta Key
  • Child 44
  • The 47th Samurai
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street
  • The Toyota Leaders
  • Good to Great
  • The Art of Halo 3