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Moton ClubSport Suspension

Driving in GulfRun 4 I have gotten a better understand of my car, to be exact how it acts or reacts to all the different inputs I give it and the extremes. I haven’t learned the limitations of my car to degree, I’m not a race driver but I am better driver then I was before GulfRun. I have improved both power and braking power of my car since GulfRun 3

At this point my car can really take off, and I do love the sound of the car. And it is able to stop on a dime when I put my foot on the brakes. I brake late going into turns because I’m confident of the capability of the car, but I faced issues with understeet because its a heavy car. After seeing a few pictures of my car in corners while I was driving, I realized how loose the suspension was even after stiffining it. At this point I have looked into all possible options, after four months I have decided to go with Moton Suspension. This might make the car a little stiff for the road but a lot better handling then before. Some work needs to be done to work around the custom fabrication but I’m hoping this goes smoothly, but the important part isn’t the suspension but tuning it so that the car acts accordingly. On another note my warranty ended last year so I’m not worried about that too much, and even if I had warranty it would have been long gone after all the modifications I have made.