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I have been eating at unhealthy pace for past couple of weeks. You know your not feeling well when you get that feeling at the end of the night, you feel a bit over-stuffed. I felt good the other day when I had a decent lunch and a couple of mangos for dinner, I know that mangos are not the healthiest fruit but still better then any other fried food I had in mind.

I know what I have to get moving these days while the weather is cool. My goal is to walk about 2-3 kilos a day, every day for the next couple of weeks and that will get me going, then I plan on hitting the gym. Walking isn’t a hard start, but thinking about following a difficult routine at the gym from the start isn’t really going to happen and I probably won’t go back again for a while if that happens. So I start off a bit slow

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yes the idea is to start at a slow comfortable pace and then move up the tempo. 2-3 kms per day is fine but ideally you should walk at a steady speed for atleast 30 mins, coz thats what gets the calories burning. :D

  2. Laialy_q8

    Good Luck!

  3. You know what I think helps keep you in check? If you check your weight before work in the morning every single day you really keep track of every change – including a heavy dinner the night before. So you can watch your weight go up day by day and it should make you feel guilty enough to lower your food intake.

  4. Slow but sure start is the best way… good luck.

  5. Rana

    Great :) I’m agree with 1001Nights

  6. maryam

    I wish I had a great advice, but I don’t ;P

    I, myself, am on and off the wagon, all my life LOL

    But been back on the healthy side for about 3 weeks now, I think I’ll be weighing soon and see how I did ;)

    But as you said, when eating light I do feel healthier and sleep much easier without the burning in the stomach feeling!

    yAllah GOOD LUCK … it’s a lifetime struggle ;D

    But boy on that open day, do I stuff myself silly ;P

    I’m not helping am I??

  7. Marzoug, find something you enjoy joining at the gym. A class, like spinning, steps or body max.

    for me, steps makes me run out of my room to reach the gym on time so i wont miss a beat. Find something interesting and stick with it for awhile, you’ll be amazed how easy your body adapts to new routines :)

  8. NS

    Whenever I start any activity, its usually not that enjoyable to start with.. But once I start seeing the results and building my fitness, I enjoy it! Hope you do too! :) G’luck!

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