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Review: Las Vegas

An entertaining show from beginning to end, I loved this show from the first time I saw it air in 2003 until ending in 2008. It had a great run and I’m surprised it ended so abruptly, a show about a Las Vegas Casino and its entertaining staff, to live a life day to day in Vegas. A lot of people wonder how its like to live in Vegas and its glamor, so no wonder this show was such a success. The best part about this show is that you can literally watch any episode and be entertained. There is the theme to the story and the back story which you have to keep in mind sometimes but most of the time its just a great episode with so many dynamic characters. I was surprised they ended it so abruptly, they leave you at the end with more questions then answers, I didn’t even have these questions while watching the show but the last 2 episodes were a roller coaster. I really recommend this show to people since its very entertaining and never really gets old.

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