XBox 360 Avatar

I’m always curious to see what other people’s avatars are in XBox, especially my friends and someone came up with a fun tool to find that out. People can get really creative with their online persona, I know I wasn’t too creative with mine but I do enjoy the look.

Link: Avatar 360

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. for some reason the images aren’t showin up.

  2. Cookie Monster

    lol they’re actually cool. Good job.

  3. You think you weren’t too creative with yours? Its NOT you at all!! :-P

  4. hi

    hahahaha..nice one 3taibi

  5. maryam

    LOL, aham shay the white suit … laaa oo ba3ad one eye glass! It’s like a villain out of a movie, except he’s smiling in an innocent cool way ;P

  6. Mo Hat

    One eye glass = monocle.

    Pip pip tally ho!

  7. Layan

    Thanx for the link its fun to see the avatars but its not fair coz the guys get much better avatar options than the girls :/

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