Fresh Rain


It has been a long time since we have had rain in Kuwait, and that fun hail storm the other day. There is something that I like about the rain, it feels like the air was cleaner. I do enjoy driving in the rain, so Friday morning I woke up to go riding and found it raining outside, that didn’t really stop us. We still went to breakfast, and I do love driving in the rain. The best part was the empty streets that early in the morning, I was enjoying the drive and the music as I was driving to the Avenues, every once in awhile the tail of my car would slip out on a turn and it is fun to control that. Even breathing that fresh air felt nice outside, and it wasn’t too cold, just cool enough.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. maryam

    I LOVED it, had a walk under that amazing weather, it was chilly and the drizzling rain … simply spectacular :D

  2. M

    very nice blog and mashallah the pictures are amaaazing !! : ) but u might wanna change the title of the folder from personel to personal unless it was intentionally written that way … tara mo qa9dy atfalsaf bs if it was my blog i would want someone to tell me …

    Keep up the nice work!

    P.S. I prefer loo u don’t post my comment .. thanks :)

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