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Notorious B.I.G is someone a lot of us are very familiar with, we grew up hearing his songs on the radio and getting those tapes back in the day. I remember even watching the music videos on MTV when I was a teenager and bobbing my head to it, when I listen to song his songs I think about what they mean to me and sometimes when I first heard them. This movie revolves around the life of Christoper Wallace aka Biggie Smalls, and his experiences up to his death. First off the character they chose to play Biggie was a perfect fit, but Puff Daddy was pretty funny but he gets the charisma across. Who they chose for Tupac and how he came across was interesting, the story of Tupac and Biggie was brought across from Biggie’s point of view which you don’t hear much of. Why and How exactly Tupac and Biggi got killed is still unanswered. The movie is entertaining, gives you the different aspects of Biggies life in a two hour period.


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  1. IS-F Man (ALD)

    Suge Knight killed Tupac because his record contract with Death Row was coming to an end and Tupac was planning to leave the label. Knight killed Pac so he can retain the rights to his master tapes (his original songs), which he eventually lost after Tupac’s death, to Tupacs mother Afeni Shakur. It’s really a long and interesting story.

    Biggie died after over extending his trip to Cali after finishing his last album “Life After Death.” He was a guest on a radio show a day before he died and when asked about Tupac (who was deceased at the time) he showed a slight lack of compassion and interest, which ultimately i believe was his death sentence. It was too soon for him to be staying in California where people where still upset about Tupac’s death and unsure of who murdered him.

    There now you know :P

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