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I think a few of us have been to Starbucks a few times in Kuwait since there is one on every corner. Almost every experience at a Starbucks has been pleasant, at most they are a bit too persistent with the new items but other then that the service is usually good. And a few times the staff attitude is excellent and I do enjoy talking to them. Even when going to the Starbucks in US its always a pretty nice experience because the people there do a good job of being nice to the customer and are usually genuinely nice. Whenever you have a good experience I want to leave them a good tip, and thats the case in the states but in Kuwait its another story. People in Kuwait don’t understand the concept of tipping, its understandable that tipping should be measured by the percentage of the final value, something fair. This concept doesn’t seem to be known to people in Kuwait, or they just don’t tip but thats another matter. In Starbucks there is a fear of tips, really the staff is afraid of tips. In the UK and the US there is a tip box next to the register when you pay and its split amongst the staff, in Kuwait there is no such box. If you want to tip them they step away from the table as if they would get fired for accepting the tip. Is this so they won’t make people feel obliged to tipping them? I don’t understand whats the point of having this corporate policy. I think their salaries are ranging from 200 to 250 KD, I’m not sure if their stay is provided by Al Shaya’a, I hope it is. Going back to the subject, I just think that having a tip should be allowed and it shouldn’t be denied at all.

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  1. “People in Kuwait don’t understand the concept of tipping”

    I have yet to find one q8y person who never tipped in his life?

    We tip every one and every where!!! From the guy pushing our trollies by force to the ladies attending to us in the bueaty salons to the men bringing us falafel sandwiches in our cars to the cleaners in the mall bathrooms who open the door to us and of course when we are done dining at restaurants this has been going on for ever!!!

    But in starbux… we do not know how to tip them in Q8 like u said… plus… their prices is already too high as it is and it’s climbing higher!!! wella a short caramel macciato in Q8 made by mara3i milk is 1.350 KD 3la shino? 3yal lo made by organic yeo valley milk or soya milk chan cham sar?! 5 KD?!

  2. Daddy’s Girl: I can understand what you mean that you tip every person, but you are a small percentage of the majority of this population. A lot of people don’t tip at all at any other venue. I know that a lot of people just ignore and just pay their bill. I agree starbucks prices are ridiculous but that doesn’t mean that the staff is getting any part of the profits.

  3. Starbucks kuwait is 80%+ more expensive than Starbucks US

    so why tip them ? #@!#@! them all

  4. Murqab: I’m talking about the people who work there! The prices set at Starbucks have nothing to do with the Staff working behind the counter!

  5. I never realized they didn’t accept tips .. we just leave it on the table I guess thats why

  6. Anon

    Im not quite sure but i think i noticed a tip jar next to the counter in the coffee bean branch next to fanar on salem at mubarak street.. havent noticed the same in any of the starbucks stores tho!

  7. I don’t know anyone at all, not 1 person who does not tip. Be it at salons, to restaurants, to cleaners, to the guy that points at the empty parking space.

    Maybe it’s a male thing? the not tipping?

  8. It depends 3ala il service.. itha il nafseya zaina ou I was pleased I’d tip a 15-20% but itha kan imnaffes or so shako i tip him? even if it was a 50 fils I’d take it! isalfa salfat mabda’ mu 3alabu 3indi flos a36eh!

  9. I don’t have a job so I usally don’t tip cuz i need one myself :/

  10. you know this is an interesting topic . I am used to tipping 15-20% of the bill in any restuarant, salon, etc in the US. But when I come back to Kwt of visits and holidays, I still do the same and my friends look at me like im berserk because they say 20% is too much and we are not in the states anymore. So does the 15-20% rule apply to Kuwait or not? its confusing..

  11. sdfsd

    Perhaps they are afraid the staff would linger around non-tipper customers if it was an OK-to-tip policy {like bell-boys at hotels}

  12. I asked once and they told me they collect any tips received and this is given to charity.

  13. Whenever I get change back I look for the tip box, then I remember I’m in Kuwait and there is none – I even asked Where’s the tip box that used to be here? The guy behind the register would reply with a puzzled look “Sorry maam we don’t have a box” then it hits me.

    I miss the the US Starbucks- especially around Christmas time! hehe

  14. Lol…200-250 for waiters???!!! Rofl..u gotta b kidding me…there are even engineers who dont even make 250 kd here!! Those Starbuckeneers must b making 80-120kd at the most without tips!

  15. Mrfantusuk

    Yea, i also work in a restaurant in kuwait ,which is very famous .but the local people here doesn’t have idea of tipping or thats not allowed in their culture .basically those customer who travels in europe or US ,they do tip well .and the young generation usually tip to the waiter.According to my experience american people gives tip 15 to 20%,british 10%,european 5% and local here 0% in average …so funny …

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