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Starbucks Tips


I think a few of us have been to Starbucks a few times in Kuwait since there is one on every corner. Almost every experience at a Starbucks has been pleasant, at most they are a bit too persistent with the new items but other then that the service is usually good. And a few times the staff attitude is excellent and I do enjoy talking to them. Even when going to the Starbucks in US its always a pretty nice experience because the people there do a good job of being nice to the customer and are usually genuinely nice. Whenever you have a good experience I want to leave them a good tip, and thats the case in the states but in Kuwait its another story. People in Kuwait don’t understand the concept of tipping, its understandable that tipping should be measured by the percentage of the final value, something fair. This concept doesn’t seem to be known to people in Kuwait, or they just don’t tip but thats another matter. In Starbucks there is a fear of tips, really the staff is afraid of tips. In the UK and the US there is a tip box next to the register when you pay and its split amongst the staff, in Kuwait there is no such box. If you want to tip them they step away from the table as if they would get fired for accepting the tip. Is this so they won’t make people feel obliged to tipping them? I don’t understand whats the point of having this corporate policy. I think their salaries are ranging from 200 to 250 KD, I’m not sure if their stay is provided by Al Shaya’a, I hope it is. Going back to the subject, I just think that having a tip should be allowed and it shouldn’t be denied at all.