Avoid 1st Ring Road in Kuwait


About two days back, mid day around 12 pm I got onto the first ring road heading to Kuwait City, to Salhiya to be exact and so I had to enter the Sheraton Round About, and suddenly traffic came to a complete halt half way there, and we were completely stuck on the 1st Ring Road.

If you need to go to the city, and heading towards to Sheraton round about try taking the 2nd Ring Road and entering it from the other side. The traffic is flowing at the round about, at a steady pace but the 1st Ring Road comes to a complete stop and moves at a snails pace which drives me mad and I’m assuming everyone else who got caught in it feels the same.

This project has taken too long, they have ruined the area around Church and Sheraton area. It has taken too long to finish the damn project and now they are making it worse. The traffic has increase three fold and we aren’t seeing when exactly this project will wrap up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have just wrestled my away around 1st ring road to get to work!!!!!

    Shino hatha y3ni?!?!?! Laish ye2athoona chithee???

    Shino kan feeh il da2ere il awal y3ni 3shan ye3athbona hal 3athab? mo kafee il za7ma all the way to 1st ring road? Now i had to wait FOREVER to get to work…


    O i hate 2nd ring road… kilah traffic lights

    mako 6reej thane?

  2. JoJo

    Avoid all roads in Kuwait ,,, unless ofcourse you are on a bike like me then all roads are clear & smooth. Get with it. I heard TriStar has an excellent Bike training coure

  3. D

    Sour street. it has traffic lights. but less crowded and yamshi mser3a.

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