Desert Kings 2 Jokers Kuwait

This is probably the coolest video that I have seen made in Kuwait, I roaming around youtube looking for some off-road clips in Kuwait and I came across this. For a simple video it is executed so welluted, and the ending is pretty funny. The music fits the riding and driving perfectly, I am person who lacks off-road skills like these riders but I can appreciate how well the video was done

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. great clip,, the accidents were funny at the end lol

  2. NICE Vid i like it Last one mskeen :)
    alah e3enaa

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Nice vid cool hope they have more vid like that

  4. plastic

    Badlyaat this post shay ‘3air 6abee3ey ya marzouq

  5. vampire: Very funny!

    Castro: Great Video!

    Abdulmohsen: Thanks, still tweaking!

    Corolla Man: Me too

    Plastic: Didn’t feel like proof reading, wrote it on the go!

  6. suspic

    The parachute thing’s got to hurt!

    Damn, seems like fun though. =O

  7. WooW .. That was amazing :D

  8. punky

    Nice Wheeeeeeeeeeelies!


    Cool video guys keep it up .. Bs wanted to know whats the name of the song .. Thanks..

  10. punky

    song is called beggin by Madcon

  11. @suspic – Lots of fun, a painful landing!

    @K.TheKuwaiti – ouch

    @BOLDR – For sure!

    @Bu Yousef – Agreed!

    @Raz – Yup!

    @punky – Clean Wheelies!

    @Laialy_q8 – A lot of fun!

    @ALQASSAR – Punky posted the song

    @punky – Nice!

  12. S.K

    I KNOW THESE BOY’S!!!! omg how did collect all their work :p

  13. ISF-Man (ALD)

    Most of their work unfortunately was not filmed, and some bloopers probably better kept in the vault :P

  14. S.K

    how many parts of the clip is out there?

  15. anony

    bnaiider !
    love the song!

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