Drobo Pro


Drobo is Network Attached Storage Unit with its proprietary software for storage expandability and hardware/software fail-over. You can choose any size hard drive and mix them up in the storage to create larger volumes. With 8-Bay storage you can use the 2TB drives to get 16 TB worth of storage.

It can only connect using iSCSI, Firewire 800, and USB 2.0. What I would want is dual ethernet connection, that would be fantastic with the enterprise level hardware. The best part is that this new storage is rackmountable with fans. Its a separate option but a very smart option in the design.

The price of the Drobo Pro is $1300 doesn’t include any disks. Its nice to have a ridiculous amount of storage.

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. q8expat

    You can never have enough of HDD storage.

  2. 2TB to get 16TB?

    If I’m reading this correctly (2TB in 1 bay == 16TB storage), what would happen if I attached 2TB in each bay? Storage GangBang!?

    Please tell me what I wrote is wrong because I don’t want to end up buying that >.>

  3. q8expat: Very true!!!

    Rand_4: you are correct.. 16 TB..it can handle it no problem! When you get one let me know how it is, I’m curious!

  4. So frustrating (and encouraging) to think we will have this much storage on a mobile phone within a few years :)

  5. If you want ethernet support get the droboshare as well and hook it up to a switch.. hmm maybe that would solve your ethernet needs! But damn.. 16tb.. I have tears in my eyes..!

  6. @Bu Yousef – It will just keep increasing!

    @N. – I read mixed reviews about it! Yes 16TB is fantastic!

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