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Chrome @ Bust


  • 74 Tabs
  • 14 Windows

(Click on the image below for a big picture)


Between all these windows and tabs, Chrome was eating away at the power house of machine. I only built this machine a little over a year and a half ago with the best specifications, and with everything that is running, including an FTP program and a few other programs the machine is running on its last breath every time. I honestly like seeing when its about to crash, its interesting how they built the program to be independent of the other, and every once in a while the Shockwave plug-in crashes, but that doesn’t crash the other tabs. What I find surprising is that Google Chrome uses more Ram then any other browser, it separates the processes so you have many processes taking chunks of ram which add up to a lot, but Firefox takes one huge chunk. Overall I still think that both Chrome and Firefox are excellent browsers, with Chrome being the lighter and faster one.