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The Transformation


I have been facing a number of problems over the past two months, which have caused my blog to crash the Dreamhost server. I complained to them a few times, and the DH Support said that the load is coming from my Plug-Ins folder but I wasn’t sure what was going on. After a couple of tries, trying to fix things I emailed Meshoo and Jackie asking for help, because it was driving me nuts.


It was upgraded to WordPress 2.71, it felt a lot more stable but still their were load issues in the server. I even stopped Google and Yahoo from hot linking to images to a degree, even telling the bots where to go for indexing. Their still were issues, and after complaining so much, Meshoo took it upon herself a few days ago to make a new clean theme for the blog. I just told her that it should be somewhat similar in regards to the color scheme, other then that I am open to her choices. After day of endless sleep this is the amazing work of art, I want to thank Meshoo for making such a beautiful theme as usual, I think its fantastic but she still thinks there are a few things left to work on. The best part about this theme are the Search and 404 pages, which can be easily found. The updated blog was up in less then a day, and through out the day today major tweaking were being done. I hope everyone likes the new theme as much as I do, thanks Michelle.