In & Out of Dubai


Made a decision on Friday to go to Dubai for about 24 hours, it was decision on whim since a friend of mine was already there. I wanted to go check out the garage that were working on my car as well as get a bite to eat. Then there is the the idea of going to a late night movie to check out Fast & Furious, which keeps getting great reviews.


Their prices are pretty reasonable as well I found First going to Dubai and Economy returning the next day, all for the price of 120 KD which is great compared to other airlines, all of this for the ease of flying on Wataniya.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Gi99a

    120KD!?! Wow!

    I went for a few days on Aljazeera round trip for 18KD…

  2. biggie27


  3. @eshda3wa – Its fun that way!

    @Bu Yousef – Alah esalmik! Its fantastic!

    @Gi99a – That was a last minute flight, and you are talking about first class ticket for 80 KD one way, the day of travel is pretty damn good!

    @biggie27 – LOL!

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