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Moe @ Gumball


I got this from an anonymous email, a really anonymous email but I thought I would post it up. It seems that Mohammed Al Thani of Sharjah will be participating in this year’s Gumball, that I am not surprised about since he is a car fanatic of sorts. But I’m surprised he is participating in a Rolls Royce Drop Head, you have to cover 3000 miles in a certain amount of time and avoid police throughout that period, why would you do it in Rolls Royce not one of the many fast cars he owns.


Name: Mohammed Al-Thani
D.O.B: 16-06-1982
Nationality: United Arab Emirates
Home Town: Sharjah, UAE
Occupation: Retired!!!
Career Highlight: Looking for one first week of May!
In our quest across America we will imitate our character as Prince Abdul Bin Falafel, dressed in our traditional Sheikh attire, we will pursue the quest to avoid being stopped by police using our on-dashboard radar detectors, police scanners and a cool box filled with just ”Red Bull”. The website is up and running check it out…

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