ADSL Modem Switch

I have been thinking about switching my current ADSL modem to something simpler. I had a problem with the ADSL Linksys modem from Zaijil, it kept disconnecting, so I upgraded it to a Cisco ADSL Modem, and used the D-Link Router as the DHCP and main connection of that network.

The one problem I am facing is that I am unable to pass through the public IP Address from the Cisco Modem to the D-Link Modem. I want to access the servers through the DYDNS website, and haven’t been able to due to this hiccup.

I have recently gotten my hands on a Belkin ADSL Modem, with decent reviews. So I am planning on using it as the main connection and DHCP modem for the network, and I can use DYDNS with this modem to access my network. The one thing about the Cisco modem is that it hasn’t had any problem what so ever since installing it, the only problem I have with it is that you have to have a Cisco Certificate to even think of configuring the damn thing.

After plugging the telephone cable in the Belkin ADSL modem, I called KEMS to get the information, turns out they login through PPoA and not PPoE, and I got the VPI/VI numbers needed. As soon as that was done, the router restarted and within a minute it was connected to the internet. Of course during configuration it was wired to the laptop. After that I disconnected the D-Link Router which is performed perfectly, finally removed the Netgear Dual Wan Router which has operated as a heat sink for me and nothing else, then I disconnected the Cisco ADSL modem. One thing for sure is that the Cisco modem is extremely dependable, but difficult to manage for a layman such as myself. I was having a few problems connecting the wireless but after restarting it, the laptop connected fine. I was hoping that I didn’t need to restart the machines, but I knew I would. So I restarted the WHS servers, but first I shut them down, cleaned them out with a dust blow which turned into its out little mini dust storm in the room, connected the main WHS server to the UPS and powered it back up correctly. After going through this whole process which took about two hours to make sure everything is connected, I was satisfied with the results.

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  1. Mr. Anonymous

    Good review :)

    Where did you get the Cisco router from? and how much did it cost you?

    I noticed that you have a good experience in routers, are you a computer engineer or have a major that is related to computer? or are you just interested in this kind of stuff?

  2. Mohammed

    Neat , Where did you get the belkin from and how much does it cost? because am thinking of replacing my 3com which i have to restart it every day :(

  3. So you don’t recommend linksys ? i have ZHONE which comes with my subscription with Zajil no problem with it so far except the signal when needed in other rooms i believe coz its G class (or B im not sure) but im thinking to get N class for better range. i found linksys N class for about KD20 from Eurika do you recommend that ?

  4. i have bad experience with linksys,, 2 routers stopped working just like that. maybe only me

  5. Bader

    Hi Marzouq, Just in case you decide to go back to Cisco, You can configure DDNS on the cisco router. Its just a matter of entering a few commands. You can also map the public IP to the Dlink by configuring static NAT.

  6. just switched to cisco today, pretty interesting thing to configure. I do agree that its not the easiest thing to work on though .

  7. Hey, I’d like to second Mohammed’s question: Where did you get the Belkin from?

    Also, you’ve had some time with it now…hows the bandwidth and range? Thanks.

  8. maryam

    that’s my latest. I got the N version though none of the clients has N-wireless card but mostly for the coverage, now most of the house is covered and no need for the extenders or inline power plugins, my bros are happy wireless playing online with their PS3

    I got it from hawali, I think the price range was 40-50KD .. bad memory here ;P

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