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Bite @ Ninos

I was a fan of Ninos since it opened up on the seaside, I enjoyed their food but I hated it when it go crowded. I would usually try going to at odd times to enjoy the food and not feel its too cramped, I probably haven’t been to the seaside location for over 6 years now. Since the opening of Ninos in Avenues I have been going pretty consistently, at least once every two to three weeks.

The best part is that even though they have been open for a while, the quality of food has not degraded, it still tastes damn good. I still order my Veal Limone with a side of pasta, and when I’m done with that meal, it doesn’t feel to filling. For appetizers I do like the Buffalo Wrappers and Chicken Strips. I had my magazine with me that time while waiting for people to arrive, I’m the type that wants to order right away.