Avenues Shooting


I don’t know if there is any truth to the matter, but I have been hearing that a shooting took place last night at the Avenues at around 10:30 pm. A bearded man with a AK-47 walked into the mall from the cinema side and started shooting, there were reports of multiple police cars and ambulances at the sight but nothing in the news papers. Today the IKEA side is closed off, any one know any other information since nothing was reported in the news.

Update: Was a hoax! Turned out it was a fake call!

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  1. oh my God,, hope it’s not true
    but how come u post about this b4 248am.com!! lol

  2. apple.pie

    ummm that’s interesting I was there at that time and I was sitting in one of the restaurants outside the cinema and heard nothing.. I was there until 11.30 and everything seemed normal… I dont know if it happened but its probably just a rumor.

  3. I over heard one of my colleagues talk about some shooting @ the Avenues last night!


  4. mo

    i wouldnt be surprized!
    but if terrorism kicks off in kuwait…we are damned…BIG TIME

  5. S1k0

    Wow thats so messed up..

  6. I managed to pass be the Avenues after work and everything seemed to be extremely normal.
    walked in through the IKEA entrance to check for built hole’s, NOTHING!

    i guess it is just a rumor…

  7. I took a foreign guest to a late lunch (4pm)at the avenues today and everything looked normal -we walked in through the ikea entrance and all seemed well.

  8. This can’t be true. If it was, it would be all over the news and today’s newspapers. Also, most of the other local blogs would have written something about it. So I don’t beleive it. Just a rumor.

  9. I went to IKEA today, nothing out of the usual there, nothing is closed. BUT I spotted two policemen sitting in front of the exit door between paul and the footlocker, i thought that it was unusual but maybe its because of the weekend fuss?

  10. Rumor!

    And how come no pictures of the Bikes there from yesterday? :(

    That’s what I was hoping to see here.

  11. 360 Avenues

    Gee, what a handsome toy you have out here!

  12. 9ij q8yeeen !! :Pp i think it’s a rumor cuz the situation in kuwait now can not handle terror attack !! kilsh moo wagtaa

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