My Brute!


Its been a while since I have gotten addicted to an online game, but the creators of this game have made an interesting fighting game. You create a character to fight other people online and depending on the character you create he has certain characteristics. When I was making my character I was thinking about having a monk who is a martial artist as well as bad ass. Then there those who go for the Mr T look, there are also lots of girls who are fighting as well. Its pretty cool if you have time to kill, you can challange MZ Top (Name of My Brute) at the link below, so go ahead and try. Once you click the character you want to fight, it turns into an animated fight which depends on your characters skills, special skills, and weapons!

Click my link below to join and fight my character! Fight Me!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. biggie27

    my brute just kicked ur brutes ass!!! how the hell did u move up so fast ???

  2. you kicked my brutes tiny ass!
    great game, instant addiction…

  3. I will not be defeated:

    (except by you, because you’re level 5…but I’m getting there ;-) )

    Everybody should go and make one, and we can do a blogger brawl tournament (is it me, or does it seem like I’ve got too much time on my hands??)

  4. nenad strongest lvl 3 brute :)

  5. N

    Q80 saracen my level 1 pupil just beat your player! and hernando can you give me a pupil http://[email protected]. I’ll add anyone who adds me

  6. Mephisto


    enter the master code: JFGEBAGE

    I can offer you only one thing: THE POWER OF THE DARK LORD SATAN!!!!!!!! My fighters have only just begun, but with you on the team we’re sure to win!!!!!

    enter the master code: JFGEBAGE

    Join me and recieve that extra exp your little brute needs to get strong! I am a BEAR, and you will earn my BEAR POWERS!

    enter the master code: JFGEBAGE

    Hit harder! Hit faster! Attack ‘em and curbstomp their teeth down their throats!

    enter the master code: JFGEBAGE

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