A Quick Bite in Scouzzi


After a long day of meetings I called my friend and he took me to a place called Scouzzi in Solidare. I think I wanted to order the whole menu since I was so damn hungry. What I found interesting is that every place in Lebanon that I have been to has both Coca Cola and Pepsi, I’m not a fan of Pepsi so I keep asking specifically for Coke. In the middle east its usually one or the other never both.


I was so hungry I kept eating all the breadsticks, but when the spaghetti bolognese came out I jumped head first into it. It was the perfect meal for that day, kept me going and wanted to go right to sleep after getting so full.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ohhh yummm that looks good, 3alaik bel3afia ;-)

  2. ive been to that place when i went to lebanon the last time.. my friend took me to it on the ALL YOU CAN EAT day .. and we finished the sushi belt all 4 of us :P

  3. that pizza looks super awesome right now

    and I am all for PEPSI

  4. That was my Fav restaurant when I studied there! Their food is amazing, there’s a Scouzzi in Dubai too but its not just Italian, its a mix of Italian and Japanese..and I also ordered the Spagetti Bolognaise, and it was “Perfection”.. :D

  5. Lexicon

    my lebanese friends take me there everytime i go there, amazing restaurant!

  6. Let's Go Levantine

    Bring home a piece of Ashrafiyeh with you if you can!

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