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Lebanon for a bit


Something came up recently that I had to take off to Lebanon on Friday. Took the Wataniya flight here which is at a pretty convenient time, the plane was filled with people. Had a meeting Friday late afternoon and Saturday morning and afternoon, the weather is amazing here. A nice cool breeze, makes you want to sit outside and enjoy this nice weather. As usual I don’t have a clue where I am or where I am going when I’m in Lebanon, but all I know is that people don’t sleep much here and its a long weekend.


Last time I was here was about two years ago, and I noticed that some people are now stopping at the red lights and wearing seatbelts which is a good development. The best thing that I remember is that people are always enjoying themselves, so many families out with their kids walking around and its very refreshing. I don’t come here often because I never have much of reason but I can’t blame so many people who enjoy coming over to Lebanon and staying here for long periods. Very nice people and amazing weather, who wouldn’t want to come here often. One thing is that I am still very confused from the naming of the areas, can’t seem to get them down and I’m enjoying that I don’t have to really know where I am going.


That is Dooxy’s cousins’ dog who seems to have a liking for me. Also he has this blank look on his face and gets too lazy to move.