A Quick Walk in the Solidare

I haven’t been to the Solidare in a very long time, I think I haven’t really walked around here before. Afer eating lunch I walked around with my friends checking it out a bit, they kept pointing at each place that is known to be crowded with people from the Gulf during the summer (Khaleejis). I remember why I don’t go to Lebanon much because the Gulf crowd that goes there, but I can’t blame them for going its a beautiful city with everything for everyone.

You notice so many families and kids running around which is very nice, with this beautiful sunny weather I think everyone was out. I think this is one of the great landmarks that have been left by Rafik Hariri, he really took Lebanon to another level. The most amazing thing in Lebanon is the welcoming atmostphere and atittude, this is with the people working in the service industry, and even the immigrations officer was decent with us.

The architecture really amazed me, I kept looking at the cut of the stone, it is new but amazingly built, it does feel like no expense was spared when building the Solidare. So many places to sit and enjoy the weather, open spaces for kids, and so many different types of shopping available.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I used to love walking around the solidaire when the weather was pleasant and quiet. I hate when it gets packed with the Gulf crowd

  2. It is indeed gorgeous, minus the people. I’m quite a misanthrope though so to me everything is better minus the people. Well… our people.

    Quick note, you said ‘it is new but amazingly built‘ but I don’t think that’s the case. I think a large part of it was old and recently restored. The church at ehe Place D’Etoile (sa7at il najim) is a little under 200 years old I think. Also if you look at the buildings some of them have plaques displaying dates going back to the 1920s at least, maybe older. The area is quite historic, but stunningly well restored.

  3. I haven’t been there for a while… Very nice indeed – but agreed – not when rabi3na are there :)

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