Extract Trailer


Extract follows the personal and professional problems endured by the owner (Bateman) of a flower-extract plant, including a wife who won’t sleep with him, a new hottie temp and … Ben Affleck as a major stoner?

From the writer and director of Office Space, comes a new comedy called Extract. The trailer speaks for itself, but this seems to be a hit comedy from the quality of Office Space which I think is the epitome of corporate humor. I can’t wait to see this movie, I think its going to be hilarious just from the trailer.

Link: Cenimatical

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  1. dezrtninja

    This movie looks great!!!…I hope its as good as the trailer is.

  2. Daddyz Girl

    so funny yet real hehehehheeh

  3. AudiS8

    remember that they put the funniest moments in the commercial!
    but no i think this is gonna be funny! ;p love the actor! hes from arrested development

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