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TAM Auto Engineering in Dubai

Went to Dubai a couple of weeks back and took the opportunity to check on my car at TAM Auto Engineering. As usual they had a lot of sports and race cars parked outside, not including what was inside their garage. I was shocked to see they had the KTM X-Bow sitting right in their entrance, my first impulse was to jump into the car and drive right off, if only the keys were in the ignition. As usual I found the team of people working side the garage, and the owner Moataz is under the hood of one of the cars from early in the morning. You have to love a garage where the owner of the place is working on the cars with his team under him.

There are so many different types of cars they are working on, and the funniest part is that they are fixing the work of other garages in Dubai. They are known to be brutally honest with the customer, and that is a very rare quality. I found out about them a couple of months back, and after looking into their work and a few people’s cars they worked on I couldn’t wait to get the Beemer there. So the plan is install and tune the Motons for my car, then I made a few other requests from them to tweak the car a bit while its being track tested, also asked for a Dyno since I have never dynoed my car after all these modifications.

Craftmenship such as this is rare in the middle east, hopefully they continue this level of service. They were even fixing an MTM Audi R8 which was smoking like crazy, and a one month old Hennessy Dodge Viper which had burnt out wiring. Then there was the monster of a Z06 which was turned fully into a race track car, also a beautifully restored 1967 Chevy Chevelle. Just so many cars, and the garage was pristinely clean and that reflects greatly on the team and company.

Link: TAMAutoEng