Purely Exhausted


After a couple of long days at work, having to leave just to go to a milcha in Kuwait then go to a function drains you. This has been the case with me for the past couple of days, and probably until the beginning of next week. All I kept thinking about all day long was food, everytime I was working on costing sheet or operations sheet all I could think about in the morning were sliders or maybe some pasta. Waking up at 6:30 am and not eating a meal until 9:30 pm is not good, so when I smelt the food I wanted to dive right in.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Love the cozy photo.

    You know you don’t have to go without food all day. Have a lunch box prepared for you to take to work: some light stuff to munch on will give you lots of energy a long the way (cubed cheese; sliced veggies; fruit pieces; soup in a flask; youghurt) All foods that will sustain you and can be eaten in under 5 minutes

  2. Fruits is the answer man!
    just grab a bag full of fruit goodies to munch on during the day, that will give you energy and stop the cravings.

    Jewaira: i have to agree with you the photo is very chillable and cozy!

  3. Thats bad! Not eating for that long!! I would faint! Deeer balik 3ala 3omrik mo zain chithi Marzouq!!!!!

  4. maryam

    totally can relate! But I drink coffee, tea to sustain me through the day and sometimes I can’t wait to get home to eat, either cz I’m too hungry or know there isn’t food waiting for me! so pull into any fast food drive through and eat in my mobile restaurant aka car ;P quick way to gain weight though

  5. snack during the day!

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