One thing I look forward is going to the dewaneya to see some family and friends, I pretty much consider all the guys family. So many topics bouncing around, I’m sitting there half asleep the other day. I enjoy listening to the political discussions to get a feel for whats going on and when ever I’m around there are always technical questions to be answered, usually they are just minor and complaints about the ISPs in Kuwait.

I just kept complaining the whole time about when the food was going to be on the table. I was starving, I would stop in mid conversation to ask about the food, and when it would be on the table. I was one of the first people walking into the dining area, and I picked what I thought was the best dish on the table and had my fill. Great company and amazing food, couldn’t really complain, a nice end to a long day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Me too… nice pics. So whats up with the internet? Are they fixing it? or are we getting it from Qatar for now?

    Ohhhh speaking of Qatar… we are gonna import something from them this summer! Guess what? ELECTRICITY!!!!!

    Yeah and Kuwait is giving money to Egypt to help build a new power plant (KD30 M) and helped with Jordan’s plant (USD450 M) Nice huh? ;-) And yes the M is MILLION!

  2. Good diwaniya = great times as described… bad diwaniya = boring and repeated. nice to have so much choice. i alternate between 5 visiting them every 2 weeks.

    Nice pics…

  3. Bs Bu Yousef u gotta admit…if a dewaniya is kinda boring bs ur used to it, wala its fun going there kelyom with the same routine! ;p
    as long as the guys in that dewaniya 5osh naas ma yenmal menhom haha!

  4. Jewaira

    Every guy needs a diwaniya to keep his sanity :P

  5. Bu Abdulmohsen

    bil 3afiya ya 6oweel el3omir…. 2aham shay il akil

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