Logic Valve 80 – UnBoxing

After taking a look at my music selection and music options, I thought about changing my audio hardware setup. I usually have music playing in the background in my room. Thankfully you can listen to Satellite radio on the net for a small subscription but its really worth it. I haven’t really used by normal stereo for at least a year or so at this point, after thinking about I’m going to dismantle it and make use of that space. Now that I have the Logic Valve 80 I thought it would be the perfect setup, but there is a little hitch. Its a little bigger then I expected, turned up in a very big box. I thought it would be the size of the Bose Sound Dock, but turns out its much bigger and heavier, and I liked the quality of the build and the weight, I just have to figure out the placement. It is an iPod Dock with a built-in amplifier and hybrid vacuum valve which gives the music a richer sound based on all the reviews.

Now there are a few steps to be tackled before installing the item. I have to figure out a design for the dock, Sonos, and the speakers and get rid of the sound system or just the sound system speakers. Interestingly enough the Valve 80 has two Auxiliary inputs which I could use for the Sonos and the sound system, that would help get rid of the speakers which are taking up a large amount of space. At this point I will go into a complete reorganization of the equipment and items, to rewire everything as neatly as possible, and make more space for the new set of books that I have.

I kept the stock Logic Valve 80 speakers in the box because I’m planning on using the Sonos speakers. I place my Anime Mecha Models on top of the speakers, and the Valve 80 Speakers aren’t flat. I just need some banana plug to sort it out the wiring between the Speakers and the Valve 80. The best part is that all the RCA cables needed to connect to the Valve 80 Auxiliary inputs are included in the box which is a nice touch, also two different types of power cables (2 & 3 Pin Plugs), so they provided all the necessary and optional cables for you.

Then I have to get rid of a few unnecessary things on the shelf. I have about 10 PS3 games sitting on the shelf that I have played and enjoyed, maybe a few I didn’t even open yet. My PS2 burnt out over two and half years ago now, and it isn’t worth fixing, for some reason I still keep those games. As I need the space these days, I’m not sure what to do with the games, I don’t want to throw them away, and I’m not sure if its about the sentimental value but maybe it is. I remember the days when I used to play video games nonstop for hours on end but that isn’t the case anymore. I’m lucky if I get to even finish a game which is rare, or even get a few hours a week if thats even possible. So I need to take care of that to make full use of the shelves, and do a lot of network rewiring behind the shelves.

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  1. Miss-Informed

    Why on earth would you throw away your PS games? If you have a PS3 that has backward compatibility then it should be able to play all your PS1 and PS2 games. I still have the old consoles but to avoid the clutter I just play original PS1&PS2 games on the PS3. Now I’m trying to hook ps1 games on the PSP and I’m good to go without the hassle of moving wires and stuff around.

  2. @Miss-Informed – I don’t have a PS3, and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. The games I play the most are on XBox 360 and I keep playing them again and again. I haven’t played them in years, thats why I wish we had an ebay in Kuwait where we could sell them even for a low price and at least somebody else will enjoy it!

  3. yeah it looks a little bigger than in the pictures.. why dont you have a review on it in the next coming days/weeks ? I need a good docking station for the bedroom.

  4. @Mathai – Thats the plan after I get everything wired up!

  5. Aliman

    where did you get it from? How much was it?

  6. Yeah something like ebay would be nice here. I heard they sell used games in Ri7ab’s basement. I saw kids there a couple of times asking for used games and they were sent to the basement. If they sell more than 5 KD I’ll sell mine too :P

  7. Yeah something like ebay would be nice here. I heard they sell used games in Ri7ab’s basement. I saw kids there a couple of times asking for used games and they were sent to the basement.

  8. Miss-Informed

    Allaaaah duplicates!!!! :D

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