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No Crest

This has turned into a very annoying chase! I’m the type of person that doesn’t like changing his tooth paste, once you like one and it does the job you stick to it. I have been using this Crest Mint Fresh for the past couple of years, the only reason I changed to this because the one I was using from the US isn’t available here and I got used to this one. I remember buying at least half a dozen and keeping them in storage, I noticed this was the last one I had. For the past two weeks I checked two Sultan Centers, a couple of pharmacies, Boots, and Carrefour but none of them had it. I originally bought it from Boots, but I noticed that Boots seems to have a lot of product changes, one day they carry the product and you like it, then the next they no longer carry it. Now I have to look for something which is minty fresh and not too heavy, I don’t like most versions of Crest and Colgate because they taste like something pasty or clay.