No Crest

This has turned into a very annoying chase! I’m the type of person that doesn’t like changing his tooth paste, once you like one and it does the job you stick to it. I have been using this Crest Mint Fresh for the past couple of years, the only reason I changed to this because the one I was using from the US isn’t available here and I got used to this one. I remember buying at least half a dozen and keeping them in storage, I noticed this was the last one I had. For the past two weeks I checked two Sultan Centers, a couple of pharmacies, Boots, and Carrefour but none of them had it. I originally bought it from Boots, but I noticed that Boots seems to have a lot of product changes, one day they carry the product and you like it, then the next they no longer carry it. Now I have to look for something which is minty fresh and not too heavy, I don’t like most versions of Crest and Colgate because they taste like something pasty or clay.

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  1. Try goin’ to City Center or Sultan Center Jumla, they’re hugeee!! They must have the toothpaste u want!

  2. Jewaira

    Order it online like everything else :P

  3. Why not check City Center Shuwaikh – they have a pretty huge toothpaste and toothbrush section.

  4. Sara

    I used to use Crest ba3ad w now i cant find it too!!!!! please if u find it goli!! I used this green one didnt like it much so i switched to the same naw3ya bs white icy something. Its better than this.
    Crest is the best * no pun intended* i love it..7ata their whitening strips are amazing!!

  5. Sara

    Btw ur brush nafsi ba3ad but isnt it too rough on ur teeth?? Sometimes my gums bleed fa ‘3ayart’ha altho shaklha kan professional =P

  6. Colgate is like brushing with water, Crest has been my toothpaste for 3 years now, in Sultan Center you can find the cinnamon flavoured one :D give it a go.

  7. Fonzie

    Its available in Beirut, we use it there !!!
    If you’re going there soon, u can get some.

  8. they have a biiiiiig stack of crest at city center in shuwaikh

    i was there yesterday and clicked a photo of it :P

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