Funny Bajaj Ad

Who thought that Bajaj would come out with a transformer-like ad, those bikes don’t interest me too much but the Ad is pretty good.

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  1. Nayem Adel

    I am sure this is done by Lebanese / American / British AD designers. Hindi don’t have any creativity to things such as this.

  2. @Nayem Adel – Thats very rude and very narrow minded making that statement.

  3. sleepingowl

    @Nayem- Seriously? Can I throw a third grade insult at you, and ask you which rock you just crawled out of? Some day when you are out of there for the whole day, goto youtube and search for adverts made in India and then look for adverts made in the Arab world. Thanks.

  4. yeah Bajaj always has some cool ads on TV, but none of their bikes have breached the quarter liter class. Hopefully their tie-up with Kawazaki will give birth to a baby Ninja :)

    btw @ Nayem Adel… tsk tsk

  5. psytrance

    if they can send satellites to space ,explode nuclear bombs ,u think they can’t do 3d animation.

    Nayem Adel :Get a life and go n see the world

  6. Aromal

    @Nayem Adel – Go to the YouTube page and check out the name of the agency.

  7. Adnan Jood.

    @Nayem Adel : Go and explore the world . Learn how countries are progressing today . Indian ADS are just excellent and as psytrance says .. india is going too advanced . there’s free wi.max everywhere and hell cheap technology out there . . .

    For EX : Vodafone India’s got it’s own brand ambassador – ZooZoo !
    Just check these ads and all these were done by a mumbai based firm.
    NOTE:check the videos and you will be shocked to note that the zoozoos aren’t animated but real ppl in zoozoo suits !! :)

    Mind what you say and check out how the world is today .

    Go to youtube and see indian ads . . .

    AND NOTE :!:!:!:! : “Hindi don’t have any creativity to things such as this.” it seems….hahahaha :)) HINDI IS A LANGUAGE and..ppl from india are called INDIANS and not ‘HINDI’. . .

    learn this first !! :))

  8. Krishna

    OMG !! LMAO !!



    ppl from india are called INDIANS , mate .

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