Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken in Rochester, NY

Am I the only one that finds it funny as hell that people are pissed that Popeyes ran out of chicken. People are really getting angry about Popeyes not having chicken!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. u want to feed ur kids go cook!! mo it9ar5een 3al poor machine/woman thing hehehe

  2. I find it funnier that EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that video is black.

    Fried chicken and black…

    I’m not racist and don’t usually make generalization, but COME ON!

  3. Nola

    This problem is due to the economy over there. The guy who said he wanted to feed his family keser 5a6ry.

  4. awdwa


  5. jc

    How can u be mad cuz they ran out of chickens…..Every freakin promotion Ive seen all ways stipulate “While Supplies last” that lady sounded like a fuckin IDIOT she can feed her kids cuz they ran out of chicken……….COOK grocey store or even the famous dolla menu…………this pissed me off jus watchin

  6. Few days ago popeys had an ad running during an NBA game and they announced that they will have a special offer for one day only on April 26 (if I wasn’t mistaken); which was 8 pieces of chicken for only $4.99.

    So I am assuming that these people are pissed because they did not get to have their share of this great deal.

    Actually they are right to be angry, because the ad did not mention anything about limited chicken for that day (maybe they did in fine print).

  7. Q80 IN DENVER

    LoL :) I don’t get the idea of black people and chicken! :P

  8. ahaha wala i dont mean to be a racist, but black people suure luv da chicken!!!

  9. tmack

    “I took a cab from Burnsville”

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