X6 M

I have always liked the styling of the X6, it has gotten a very large mix of opinions people either love the car or hate the car. Peronsally I think its a well designed SUV with a low center of gravity. I like how it looks, even though I think it needs a different set of rims, I heard the V8 version is very fast, and now that they came up with the X6 M thats just ridiculous.

Now they have a boosted the 4.4 Liter V8 to a 555 bhp with 500 lb-ft of torque. Its probably ridiculously fast and handles very well for an SUV, it seems that way from the X6 M track video. Whoever was driving that car was really pushing it.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. ma adre laish ma ta3jibny! shakelha ma yinbile3 it looks like an SUV, but at the same time its not!

  2. el Makhraz

    w’ana kaman..manbala3it ma3i…karasiha mush moori7een abadan….wil dashboard bishi3 jiddan….
    wshaklha mitil il dabe3….
    lissa il Cayenne aw il Range aklas,,,

  3. Its a cool car , But for an SUV with this power its made only for highways ! where can i drive it here in Kuwait ?! every 10KM you’ll find a speed camera !

    and i can’t have fun offroad in this kind of expensive cars !

  4. The X6 is ok… I’m not much of a BMW man. But that ‘M’ makes me look again and again :)

  5. S.K

    price tag?

  6. I saw the camouflaged M series X’s and the new Z4 while on the road in LA and let me tell you something. . . they sounded amazing! sadly my camera wasn’t on me….

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