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PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow

TAC-15 ‘Tactical Assault Crossbow’, the sort of crossbow designed for when aliens invade from another dimension. It actually replaces the upper receiver from an AR-15 so you can swap between assault rifle and crossbow with a little tinkering. The payoff is at the end when they sell you that it comes with a picatinny rail system. For, you know, when you need a grenade launcher on your crossbow.

I don’t know anything about crossbows, all I know is that I want this weapon with every fiber of my being. I think that because I am a man I want this weapon of choice, a powerful weapon which requires intense skills and precision to be able to use it, yet you think you are Rambo when you have this in your possession. I don’t know the reason this weapon would invoke such feelings, but it would be great to have, who cares about customs, there has to be a way to bring it through the borders.

Link: BoingBoing