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Random Ramblings: Can things get any worse?

The political unrest, war, bloody social strife, and greatest recession in the globe followed by the plague… Really? Are you serious? Can things get any worse? Once people lose their money they usually say at least “ive got my health” now they will die by the ‘pig’ flu, what an awful way to die! I dont know about you but i think that this is as low as it gets….. Fuck this generation, its screwed! We began our life during boom in the 80’s, entered school as the economy peaked, looked for jobs when the bubble burst, lost all our money, and now in fear of a deadly virus. Give me something at least a democracy, wait…… it dissolved three times since i could vote… AND none of the people i voted for won…. to sum up im poor, fearing death, what else do i have to look forward to?

‘Saviour & Inspiration, S’

A friend of mine wrote this, I just liked it and decided to post it. Its a really simple summary of what he is thinking about at this point in time. I liked it since it was just raw – Marzouq