Late Night Dinner

After a long day at work I couldn’t think of anything else but food, it was a long day didn’t get back home until 8 pm. The house was empty, spoke to the family to find out there was food left for me, I was very happy since I didn’t have to wait long for food. Luckily for me it was Muchboos Deyaay (Chicken), which is usually for lunch but at that point I was happy to stuff myself silly.

Started watching the 15th episode of The Mentalist, my friend walked in since I’m supposed to fill up his hard drive with shows. I asked if we was hungry, he couldn’t believe that this was my dinner, he asked how I could eat something so heavy late in the evening. Simply enough I was hungry as hell and I could eat anything at that point, and after the meal I was laying back watching the show and enjoying myself.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Miss-Informed

    I don’t know what that dish is in the 4th picture but it looks extremely cute I want to poke the black thing with my finger that looks like a lemon!

  2. Sulaiman

    marzouq ! ishgilnaaa!

  3. Miss Informed I think its a loomiya? Madre yimken ‘3al6aan ;p
    Great photos as usual!

  4. بوصلوح

    يريش على لومى صحارى , وااااااااااااااااااااى


    بالعافية عمى

  5. Looks great…but how come you never post any Machboos La7am pictures? Or im6ubbag izbaidy? Killa diyaay….(I’m hungry now…great)

  6. S.K

    omg!! recap, dinner? alla yhadak its a lunch dish ..

  7. A7medo

    mafrooth il nas itgool “BIL 3AFYAAAAA” ma6ra7 ma yisri yimri inshala.

  8. Miss-Informed

    Zuno, I guess yeah I call it the bitter lemon but imagine the 6abba5 going “Where should I put this…where?” and then *squirk* in the middle. Or maybe our friend Zook put it there. The question is now, has he eaten it? I bet if we X-ray we’ll find it there with the chicken theigh :P loooool sorry I couldn’t resist.

  9. maryam

    well you have better luck than me, since I come late most of the time, khalas 6ala3t min el-7esba, they leave me nothing! Always pick food on my way back

  10. Ahaha miss informed ;p You got a wild imagination!

  11. Jewaira

    Mmmm 3awafi ya Marzouq. It is the right kind of meal when hungry and energy depleted.

  12. keep some on you, just in case we run into each other tomorrow morning ;-)

  13. wallah mishtaag 7aq hal suwalef 3awaafi

  14. @Miss-Informed – Its mathrooba! lol

    @Sulaiman – I just had to!

    @Zuno – U r correct sir!

    @Salem – I was hungry!

    @بوصلوح – Alah e3afeek!

    @q80saracen – I don’t know, honestly I didn’t have the camera with me except when I had the muchboos chicken! lol

    @S.K – I was a lunch dish but I was late at work, so it became my dinner!

    @B – Alah e3afeech!

    @A7medo – mashkoor! :)

    @Miss-Informed – looooool!

    @maryam – I make sure they save food for me, because I will eat it!

    @Zuno – lol

    @Jewaira – Alah e3afeech! Mashkoora! :)

    @Adrenaline – looool! All Gone!

    @fereej – alah e3afeek!

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