The White House has a Flickr Page

I have to say that its pretty cool that the President of the United States has a Flickr page. I think a lot of people like Obama and have hope in the guy, but he does throw in a few surprises here and there. It was mentioned that he refused to give up his Blackberry when he became President, and I really can’t blame him for it, now the NSA are working on a super Blackberry for him with all the security needed. Now they have this official Flickr page and there are some very nice pictures, I wonder what is the approval process to post up these pictures because it must be a security nightmare to have these up on the net, but he does seem to be a friendly guy.

These pictures are amazing, there is an amazing depth and clarity to them. There are a lot of photos that I liked and I think take a lot of skill to snap at that right moment, Pete Souza is one amazing photographer, I wonder how they choose him. Anyone notice that the official White House Dog “Bo” has white feet when the dog is totally black?

Link: Flickr

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  1. “Pete Souza is one amazing photographer, I wonder how they choose him”

    Souza worked for a newspaper for a long time, and he was the official White House photographer in the Regan era. So it wasn’t surprising when he got the job

  2. Nice! check this out elyom 6e7t 3alaih ;p Obama shootin’ some hoops! wala yel3ab!!!

  3. Jewaira

    Cool :)

    be nice to see the same kind of stuff in our region too

  4. Wow… a nice idea executed by a true artist… Nice choice of images – will have a look at the others. Thanks

  5. @Abid – Very interesting, well he gets the shots!

    @Zuno – He is one cool president!

    @Jewaira – I doubt that would happen!

    @Bu Yousef – Yup a great idea!

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