A/C Out!

Got up in the morning headed to work, weather was deecent on Thursday morning. All was well, plugged in my laptop, checked my emails and a few people. About an hour later I strange buzzing sound and a sudden smell, turns out the smell was of a burnt out fuse. With that the power sockets and A/C went out in my side of the building, luckily other side had more employees they still had power and A/C but no lights, so they could still work. After about a few hours my laptop ran out of power and I was going back and forth talking to people and writing things down. By 3 pm the room was really warm, it got a bit muggy, and I had a ton of paper notes on my table with spread sheets, quotes and proposals. It wasn’t fixed for a while since the electrician wasn’t available, lets just say its not nice to work in a hot office.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hot pants and a tank top …. trust me …..

  2. ya36eeek el 3afyaa …. been into that situation and it sucks… yala look at the bright side, its over :P

  3. jewaira

    no electricity?

    Send everyone home spend the day at the chalet

  4. maryam

    In this weather, I would’ve excused myself and gone home, worked in the car, any place with AC ON

  5. No A/C
    That sucks!

  6. @KTDP – Maybe for you that would work!

    @bader – Alah e3afeek!

    @pretty-gene -lol!

    @jewaira – loool! Can’t, work needs to be done!

    @maryam – No way I would do that, I wasn’t letting the other guys go for me to go! lol

    @B – It did!

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