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City of Heroes – Hero Revived

I remember playing City of Heroes about 3 years ago and I had pretty cool character. He was something between a touch superhero who could really kick ass, I remember going on quests with so many people, joining a guild and fighting these big battles, some of them were impossible, and the best part was advancing your character. I remember playing that game hours on end, it was probably the last game that I really played full on for about a year. Then it just took too much time for me to play, you can’t just play it for an hour or two, it really sucks you in and I was sitting in front of the PC for at least 6 to 8 hours and getting very little sleep.

Now it seems NC Soft has a new offer that you can revive your super hero or super villan for free until the stroke of midnight on Sunday or you have to pay to have your account revived. Whats cool is that this game has been going for five years and recently they developed the game so that the players can create and rate quests and it has created a new adventures for all these players, and they are loving, an ingenius move.

Link: Kotaku